Phil McLeod of Enterprise is 2016 Legend Solar Employee of the Year

Legend Solar is a cutting-edge solar solution that provides innovative products. Phil McLeod of Enterprise was selected as Employee of the Year in this growing business.

“Ever since he was a child, sports have been among the highlights in Phil McLeod’s life.

Whether playing basketball, baseball, running track or playing semi-pro football in St. George for eight seasons, athletics offered McLeod a world of challenges, teamwork, and camaraderie that made him want to excel.

In many ways, it’s a lot like what he loves about his job as the director of compliance at Legend Solar.

“It feels like we’re all family here in the office. It’s a fun environment to work in,” McLeod says, adding that having a positive work environment is “extremely important” to him.

Phil Legend SolarPhil McLeod, Legend Solar’s Director of Compliance.

“We get to do something we believe in: selling solar and helping people reach their financial goals, all while working with fun, outgoing people who have the same goals as you,” McLeod says. “It’s pretty awesome.”

As director of compliance, McLeod’s job is to ensure Legend Solar complies and conforms to everything that is expected by the municipalities and power companies in the areas Legend Solar serves. Following fire and electrical codes, overseeing all the permitting and assisting customers with a variety of questions are all part of a typical day for McLeod.

One of the things he is learning, and finds somewhat surprising, is how little people actually know about solar power.

“People don’t realize the advancements that have taken place to make it a lot better than it was,” McLeod says.

Better, in terms of efficiency and affordability, among other things.

The other surprise McLeod has trouble wrapping his head around, is just how quickly Legend Solar has grown.

Joining the Legend Solar team in 2014, there were only five employees, all located in St. George, Utah. Now, there are approximately 150 employees spread throughout Legend Solar’s service areas, which include the entire state of Utah, Oregon, Las Vegas and some in Wyoming, with potential to expand even more.

Despite how happy he is with his current job, working in the solar industry was not anything McLeod ever planned to pursue. While attending Dixie State University, he earned a degree in communication. His original goal was to become a teacher, though he spent time dabbling in several business management classes.

Although Legend Solar may not have been on McLeod’s radar, Legend Solar co-founder, and football teammate, Shaun Alldredge, was definitely noticing McLeod.

“Phil is a person that never makes excuses and takes pride in his performance in everything he does,” Alldredge says.

McLeod recalls being aware that Alldredge and Shane Perkins had started Legend Solar, but didn’t pay too much attention until they started recruiting him for a job. After several months of considering how it would impact his family, who had recently moved to Enterprise, McLeod decided to take the job.

McLeod and his wife of 13 ½ years still live in Enterprise with their three children. And although he is no longer playing semi pro football, he does keep in touch with the game as one of the coaches for the Enterprise High School football team.

“I think there are two things that make a good leader,” McLeod says, speaking of his role as a football coach as well as his job as a supervisor with Legend Solar. “You have to be willing to do the job you’re asking other people to do, and you have to be able to teach people to be better than they are.”

After playing alongside him on the football field, and working alongside him at Legend Solar, Alldredge sees both of those things in McLeod.

“He is optimistic and has a great attitude. He is also the first to volunteer to help anyone with anything they need,” Alldredge says. “We’re lucky to have him!”

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