Saddle Fire Community Meeting

PINE VIEW, UT – a Saddle Community meeting was held on Tuesday, July 5th to discuss the fire operations and updates.

The four objectives to the meeting:

1- Utilize risk management to mitigate hazards to provide for firefighter and public safety.

2- Protect community and forest values by utilizing suppression strategies where firefighters can function most safely and effectively.

3- Provide timely and accurate information to the public, landowners and agencies.

4- Protect culturally sensitive areas and resources on National Forest lands from activities which are ground disturbing and from human caused effects.

The fire is at 1,640 acres with the containment at 42 percent. The fire remains most active in the Lloyd and Forsyth canyons. Crews continue to use direct and indirect line construction around the perimeter of the fire where appropriate. These operations remove fuels from the path of the fire to prevent the fire from spreading east toward the Pine Valley Recreation Area and south toward the Dammeron Valley area. Crews are also mopping up in some areas of the fire to secure firelines.

When conditions are right and fuels have dried out, firing operations are planned in Forsyth Canyon. Crews will use control lines and natural barriers on the main ridge and also utilize a 2005 fire scar to the south to box in the fire.


You will see more smoke in the air as crews and aerial resources on the Saddle Fire are conducting burn operations to increase containment. Jeff Hunt is the medical director over EMS said, “EMS will be on high alert today.”
The U.S. FOREST SERVICE said, “The Strategy behind the fire is being managed to minimize risk to firefighters and to protect communities and Forest values when and where firefighters can most effectively apply suppression strategies.
The NIMO (National Incident Management Organization) is packing up to head out and will cut down on the 445 personnel that is on fire duty.

pine Valley Utah Fire

Community Meeting Agenda – Tuesday, July 5th

Introductions: Brian Reublinger – P102 Trainee

Current Fire Update: Ryan Riddle – Operations Trainee

Fire Weather: Jeff Colton – Incident Meteorologist

Saddle Fire Outlook & Future Strategy: Clair Jolly – Operations

Pine Valley Fires: Past, Present, and Future

Bill Hahnenberg – Saddle Fire and NIMO Team Incident Commander

Color Country – Peterson, I.M.T. Type 3

Incident Commander Shawn Peterson and Incident

Commander Trainee Nick Howell

State of Utah (DNR Representative): Adam Heyder

Pine Valley Fire Chief Gerald Schiefer

Dixie National Forest: Pine Valley District Ranger Joe Rechsteiner

Audience Q&A

Saddle Fire

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Photos by April Terry of Enterprise EMS

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