St. George Marathon 39th Year And Going Strong

The St. George Marathon finished their 39th year and the winner was St. George native Aaron Metler. Metler also ran the Enterprise Cornfest in 2012 and won the 10k with a time of 31:55. Amber Holt Green won the women’s division and she is from Brookside.

The St. George Marathon started in 1977 with just under 60 runners and with word of mouth and the attention of several star runners the numbers grew. The Marathon can take up to 7,400 runners and the numbers of entries this year was 5,464 entries.

The Marathon is the 1st Saturday of October and is the popular choice for those looking for fast Fall marathon times. The course drops nearly a half mile in elevation from start to finish with a few uphills along the course. It is currently the 13th largest marathon in the United States and race times are used by many participants to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Local Results:

Bib Name Sex Age City State Net Clock Pace
3874 Rick Whitelaw M 44 Beryl Utah 6:45:11 6:57:59 15:27/mi
8682 Cindy L Stratton F 56 Brookside Utah 7:14:46 7:18:25 16:34/mi
3583 Kim D Riding M 66 Dammeron Valley Utah 5:09:26 5:20:47 11:48/mi
4200 Russell C Peterson M 59 Dammeron Valley Utah 6:10:48 6:18:45 14:08/mi
3182 David G Nelson M 37 Enterprise Utah 5:03:11 5:07:11 11:33/mi
6397 Gwendolyn Miller F 23 Enterprise Utah 5:35:50 5:46:04 12:48/mi
3533 Jeff K Colf M 56 Enterprise Utah 5:11:26 5:21:54 11:52/mi
5078 Kayla S Phelps F 29 Enterprise Utah 4:27:57 4:28:42 10:13/mi
7007 Kelly J Evans F 35 Enterprise Utah 5:08:54 5:10:41 11:46/mi
3062 Terron E Hunt M 30 Enterprise Utah 4:18:28 4:23:05 9:51/mi
2347 Edward L Leavitt M 27 Gunlock Utah 5:23:44 5:30:49 12:20/mi
3583 Kim D Riding M 66 Dammeron Valley Utah 5:09:26 5:20:47 11:48/mi

The St. George Marathon is currently part of the Utah Grand Slam.

What’s next for Marathon runners? The Snow Canyon Half marathon and 5k looks to be a favorable place on November 7th, 2015 in St. George, Utah at Snow Canyon State Park. You can sign up for the half marathon HERE

Photo: Utah Reporter 

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