The Dog Days of BYU Football

Every mile a memory as they’d say. We are living in the dog days of BYU football. Dogs are man’s best friend, but is BYU football? Fans have to come to grips with accepting BYU for who they are. Whether you want to see them as the cute loveable puppy, or the one that pees on the furniture and chews up your favorite shoes, BYU is man’s best friend with all the good and bad that comes with it.

BYU is headed for their 3rd straight 8-5 season. As it stands, BYU is 6-4, they play 0-11 FCS opponent Savannah St. on Saturday, so 7-4 is likely a guarantee, then they have the season finale at Cal which will be a good measuring stick to how BYU has responded to Hill’s injury against Utah St. I could see BYU finishing 7-5 and winning a bowl game to finish 8-5 for the 3rd consecutive year. Or, best case scenario, beat Cal AND win the bowl game and finish 9-4, which is one win and one loss better than the last two seasons.

BYU faces the guantlet in 2015 with a tough schedule. All the p5 teams on their schedule are on the road, or virtually on the road against Missouri in Kansas City. With Hill and Williams, BYU’s two best offensive weapons recovering from season ending injuries, the future seems up in the air.

Next year Tanner Mangum and dual threat Missouri transfer Trent Hosick will be coming in at QB, likely to battle for the backup spot to Taysom Hill. And if Taysom goes down or doesn’t recover fully from his injury, Hosick and Mangum will be QB1 at QBU. The future is bright, but the schedule is tough. The opportunity is there to make noise on a national stage, but if we don’t have the gumption to compete, then it doesn’t matter much.

For the 10th year in a row, BYU is going bowling. That makes me happy, but not happy enough. I, like most of my fellow BYU folk are greedier than that and want more, and rightfully so. We’re starving, deprived BYU fans that want the old dog days to return doing new tricks.

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