There’s no place like Enterprise

Our Good Friend from the St. George Spectrum Richard Briggs has been covering Enterprise Sports since August and his last couple of visits have really inspired him by the electric student body section. He is calling Enterprise High School “The best atmosphere in Southern Utah”

The Enterprise Boys and Girls basketball teams are fighting for a spot in the 2A Playoffs and it has really brought out the crowds.

“I’ve covered a few games in Enterprise this season from volleyball to boys and girls basketball, and I have to say that the atmosphere at Enterprise High School is the best in Southern Utah.

The smaller gymnasium certainly helps the place be a little louder, and I won’t overlook the fact that last Wednesday’s game was a rivalry between the Wolves and Parowan Rams. But just as many people attended the Enterprise-Parowan game last Wednesday as they did the Cedar-Dixie game Friday.

I had major tunnel vision 10 years ago at Snow Canyon High School. I always thought the Warrior fans inside The Jungle were the rowdiest and had the most moxie. They’re still great, sure, but so is everybody else.

The volume inside the Enterprise High School gym — Do we call it the Wolves’ Den? Enterprise students, help me out. Tweet at me and tell me what I’m supposed to call your gym — wasn’t necessarily loud, but the ambiance was fun.

Last week’s game against Parowan was the White Out game, so the students were color-coded and well entrenched in watching the action and cheering. And compared to the two loud Parowan dads sitting behind me who complained about everything down to the way the referees tied their shoes, the Enterprise fans were positive and just wanted to watch basketball and support their hometown players…”

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Photo from Coby Drake of Enterprise2day

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