Upcoming Elections City of Enterprise – Meet the Candidates

The city of Enterprise, Utah will hold elections for city council on November 3, 2015.  Polls will be opened at the Enterprise City offices from 7am – 8pm. Three council seats are up for election with five candidates.

Incumbent council members elected in November 2011 were eligible to file in 2015. Only two incumbents, however, chose to do so: Jared Bollinger and Darcy Holt. Incumbent who decided not to run in 2015 was CR Thelin. Three new candidates also chose to run, Jared Holt, Aaron Prisbrey and Past Council member Ron Lehm. There will be three new members on the council following the 2015 elections.

Who will you be voting for? You can watch “Meet the Candidates” that was held at Enterprise High School Auditorium last week. All videos are included below to give you a good idea of what you are looking for in your future candidates.

Voter Registration

Please be sure you are registered to vote! If you have changed your name or address, even within the city, it is necessary to re-register.

To register to vote in Utah you must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Have resided in Utah at least 30 days immediately before the next election
  • Be at least 18 years old on or before the next election

If you are eligible to vote in Utah, you can visit www.vote.utah.gov

  • Register to vote
  • View and update your voter registration information
  • View a sample ballot

Watch our website as we will post the winners here and on our facebook page.

Meet the Candidates: Sponsored by (EVMC) Enterprise Valley Medical Center, Enterprise Family Dental and Enterprise2day

Question #1

How long have you lived in Enterprise, How have you served the community, and what would you bring to the city council?


Question #2 

Several weeks ago, at around 6 in the morning, a family in town had altercation with a troubled stranger.  The man, who was under the influence of some serious drugs asked repeatedly to come into their home.  They called 911 immediately, yet It took 45 minutes for an officer to arrive.  This is one of many stories in which a member of our community was in need of prompt help but had to wait in fear.  One citizen submitted the following question…

If a resource officer and town marshall are providing about 60 hours per week, then we only have dedicated law enforcement about ⅓ of the time.  How much law enforcement is enough?  If you think we should have law enforcement more than ⅓ of the time, what areas of the City budget would you consider reducing to help pay for it?


Question #3

Proposition 3 is better known as the” RAP tax”.  The RAP tax is a 1/10th of 1% sales tax increase in Washington county to support Recreation, Arts, and Parks.  The county barely passed the RAP tax with 51% supporting it and 49% against it.  In Enterprise it was defeated by a 30 point margin with 35% Supporting and 65% against..  How can you justify your support for the RAP tax when the citizens of Enterprise were overwhelmingly against it?


Question #4

What is an issue facing the City that you don’t think is getting adequate attention and what would you like to say here tonight to let us know about it?


Question #5

Our town has many great businesses that add to the economy and quality of the community.  In an interview with St George News, Aaron Prisbrey said that the City should do more to attract jobs and make it easier for businesses to get a license in Enterprise.  Explain what you meant by that comment, and how you would tackle the problem specifically.


Question #6

You were a strong supporter of the City getting a Grant to match funds in building the New Fire Station. It has been argued that by not taking the Federal money the City would have had more freedom in the building process and potentially could have built the fire station more efficiently for less cost to the citizens.

One citizen asked the following question: Given that our nation is 18.3 trillion dollars in debt and the congress , president, and federal authorities are not likely to do anything to reduce it, how do you feel about, in the future bonding for things we need locally rather than seeking federal grants to fund projects in Enterprise?

Question #7

You said in an interview with St George News that you want to add your voice to ongoing efforts to create new recreation facilities for the town’s youth.  What specifically do you mean by that comment and how would you fund it?

Question #8

Has there been any issue that has been proposed by Mayor Lee Bracken and/or City Manager Adam Bowler that you have openly opposed or voted contrary too. Please give us specific examples? Aaron and Jared Holt:  Can you point to a specific example from your private or professional life where you stood your ground and fought for an issue against the grain of the majority?

Question #9

Jared Holt and Aaron Prisbrey, how many city council meetings have you attended in the past 2 years? Do you believe that it’s in important for a City Council candidates to attend City Council prior to them becoming a Council Member? Follow-up: How many US Congress, State Legislature, School Boards, Solid Waste Boards have you attended?

Question #10

City Council members can fall into the lazy habit of berating citizens that don’t attend council meetings – complaining about citizens that are ill-informed or that give insufficient input.  This can seem like a tactic for deflecting criticism from themselves.  Since we have a representative form of government, it seems unreasonable for us to send representatives to the US Congress, State Legislatures, County Commissions, School Boards, Solid Waste Boards, Water District Boards, City Councils, Planning Commissions, etc and then attend all their meetings or else risk being berated for not being a good citizen or essentially being asked to be silent because we are either ill informed or insufficiently involved?  Do you have a way to interact, inform and otherwise connect with us as citizens that will be an improvement?  Please Explain

Question #11

If I were going to distribute a two sided flyer that divided your four top concerns into the following two columns “For” and “Against”  what two issues would you want in your “For” column and what two issues would you publish as “Against”.

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