Verizon to Bring Back Unlimited Plans Monday Feb 13th

Verizon announced on Sunday that it is bringing back the unlimited data plans. The new launch happens as of February 13th with the unlimited package that includes data, calls and texting for $80 per month ($45 per line for a family of four). According to Droid Life a family of four can take the chance to get in for $180 per month. This is an introductory price and requires Autopay. For example, if you have a family of 4 who needs Verizon Unlimited data, your cost is $180 per month, $100 account fee + $20 x 4 lines. ($40 for lines with smartphones that are subsidized – on 2-year contracts).

Verizon joined competitors in backing away from bottomless data packages n 2011 and now they are taking a run at it again, but it will have its limits. After 22 GB of data usage on any one line, Verizon will “prioritize usage behind other customers in the event of network congestion.

AT&T still offers bottomless data, but at high prices. Sprint and T-Mobile offer cheaper unlimited plans but throttle their users to 480p.

Everything included in Verizon Unlimited

  • Unlimited talk, text and data.
  • If a line uses 22GB of data in a billing cycle, Verizon can throttle that line within the rest of the cycle should it attach to a congested network location.
  • 10GB per month per line of 4G LTE tethering; drops to 3G after first 10GB.
  • Unlimited calls and text to Mexico and Canada.
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada. Only first 500MB of data at 4G LTE speeds; 2G afterwards.
  • “Full-quality HD video,” which Verizon says comes at you the way the partner sends it. It’s not throttled to 480p like T-Mobile and Sprint do. Technically, that should mean you get 4K streams, 1080p streams, and whatever else is sent to you from a partner (the app you are streaming from). There isn’t a toggle on or off – you just get HD and above streams if the partner is sending that level of stream.

For those going out of the country, Verizon made a statement with Verizon Unlimited that said, cellular users would get unlimited data use on smartphones and tablets, in addition to video streaming, hotspot and calls to both Mexico and Canada. A $10 per day TravelPass gets you 500MB of daily full-speed data outside of North America.

Photo: See more on the Verizon press release HERE

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