Veyo Utah Rodeo Wraps up Triple Crown

Veyo, Utah – The Veyo rodeo has continued to rebound after taking a twelve-year pause due to space and costs. They have been going strong now for six years thanks to Bob and Kenna Bowler along with an amazing group of volunteers.

The Veyo rodeo is a family event that showcases the young cowboys. Bob Bowler, Rodeo Chairman said, “this rodeo is about the kids.” Bowler spends quality time with the young riders to help them find a love of rodeos. He also holds several local smaller rodeo events to give kids a chance to keep doing what they love.

The Veyo rodeo is the final rodeo of the “Triple Crown” which consists of the Gunlock Rodeo, Enterprise Rodeo and rounds out with the Veyo Rodeo. This is the smallest of the three rodeos but has a growing fan base. The rodeo is completely funded by local businesses, rodeo ads, and personal donations. Everything made at the rodeo goes back into the rodeo.

Preparations go into the rodeo starting in May with rodeo royalty and then the rollercoaster begins until the final night. Kenna Bowler the rodeo event coordinator keeps herself very busy leading up to the event and is hard to catch during the two-day event. Bowler said, “It’s always bittersweet on the final night of the rodeo.”

For more information visit Veyo Rodeo facebook page.

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