Zeb Jones Wins 2A Home Run Derby and North Wins 2A All-Star Game

The 2A Home Run Derby was a dream come true for Junior Zeb Jones of Enterprise High who came away with the trophy. Jones had 5 home runs in the first round and sealed the deal with 7 more in the second round.

the 2A all-star baseball game was held at Enterprise High. Enterprise won the 2A state championship last year and was honored for their second time hosting the 2A event for the entire state.

Zeb Jones

The all-star teams were split between the North and the South. The South was coached by Enterprise High Kyle Bundy and the North was coached by Kanab High Mason Fox

The North won 4-1. Drew Hill hit a 3 run blast in the 4th to put the North Squad up for good.  The North had 4 runs, 8 hits, and 0 errors. The South had 1 run, 4 hits, and 3 errors.
2a all-star baseball Enterprise Utah
Drew Hill (Gunnison) – HR
Gerrit Vanderlinden (ALA) 2B
Brayden Schultz (Grand) 3B


2A South All-Stars                                2A North All-Stars

Zeb Jones                                                 Layne Anderson    
Enterprise Wolves                                Kanab Cowboys

Caden Prisbrey                                      Kayson Whitesides     
Enterprise Wolves                                Kanab Cowboys

Levi Randall                                            Derrick Fox   
Enterprise Wolves                                Kanab Cowboys

Tel Gardner                                              Drew Hill
Emery Spartans                                      Gunnison Bulldog                    

 Zach Jorgensen                                      Jaden Mayne
Emery Spartans                                      Gunnison Bulldogs

Porter Hollingshead                              Kyle Petersen 
Beaver Beavers                                        Gunnison Bulldogs

Davis Heslington                                     Gage Mogle     
Beaver Beavers                                        Gunnison Bulldogs

Kale Hardy                                                 Cooper Roundy
Delta Rabbits                                             South Sevier Rams

Jaxon Lee                                                    Porter Dowell
San Juan Broncos                                    South Sevier Rams

Jaxon Newbold                                          Brodee Tebbs 
Summit Academy Bears                         South Sevier Rams

Gerrit Vanderlinden                                Carson Teeples         
Summit Academy Berars                       Millard Eagles                                      

Josh Jones                                                   McKade Beck
Grand Red-Devils                                      Providence Hall Patriots

Brandon Schultz                                        Austin Davison
Grand Red-Devils                                      Rowland Hall Winged Lions

 Bruin Meador                                            Darron McClain
 Grand Red-Devils                                     Manti Templars

 Masen Ward                                               Matt Nelson
Grand Red-Devils                                      Manti Templars

Coach Kyle Bundy                                      Coach Mason Fox
Enterprise Wolves                                     Kanab Cowboys

2a all-star baseball

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