27th Annual Enterprise Cornfest Brings in the Crowds

Every year like clockwork the Enterprise Cornfest is ready to go on the final Saturday in August. The Cornfest committee may change every couple of years but the event continues to grow. Jared Moody Cornfest chairman said, “Every year this event keeps getting bigger and bigger.”

The vendor and food booths were sold out and many of those wanting to participate had to be placed on a waitlist. Moody said, “I had a chance to talk to most of the vendors and they all had great success this year, even the food booths couldn’t keep up with the demand.”

Local Enterprise High School boys basketball booster club sold Navajo Tacos and stayed busy the entire day. They ended up shutting down just shy of 4 PM due to selling out. Booster president Ladell Laub said, “We had to make several runs to the store, but once we ran out of dough that was it for us.”

The Enterprise City park is getting a face lift under the direction of City Councilman, Jared Holt.  Space was limited this year as the city is currently building a community center along with many other projects. Holt was on hand to explain the park plans to those who wanted to learn more.

In November the residents of Enterprise will be voting for a new Mayor to replace Mayor Lee Bracken who has been a supporter of the local activities including the Cornfest. Both candidates Calvin Barlocker and Brandon Humphries were on hand to enjoy the festivities. Humphries said, “It is great to be at the city park for the Cornfest. I have been involved with every project here and it gives me a sense of ownership like it does for the other volunteers.The Cornfest in 2018 will have an entirely different look and

The Cornfest in 2018 will have an entirely different look at the city park. The car show was the largest we have seen in years. Cameron Foremaster a volunteer on the committee who works with the car show said, “We had to take every bit of room we could at the park this year since we received so many entries.”

The Cornfest also draws in business to the entire community as you can find yard sales, a new corn maze, long wait times at the local restaurants, and streets packed with new faces to buy local products.

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