Enterprise City Park Ground Breaking Ceremony

The City of Enterprise held a groundbreaking ceremony on March 31, 2016. Enterprise received almost 10 inches of snow overnight but that didn’t stop the city from moving forward on the park.

City Councilmen and Mayor Lee Bracken braved the cold for the groundbreaking ceremony to kick off the work for the new city park.

City Manager Adam Bowler said, “We appreciate the enthusiasm of the community for this project. We also appreciate the generous contributions of the many park donors.”

The city has been dedicated to doing something in the city park since January 2016 and in the last six months, they have really made an impact by working with private donors to match donations along with the city match program that also matches donations made. “The contributions that have been made so far significantly exceed $1,000,000,” Bowler said.

“Every contribution is needed and appreciated, and no contribution is too small. If everyone contributes something we will be able to put in the entire park, ” said Bowler.

Enterprise City Utah Park

City Councilmen and Mayor Lee Bracken at the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new city park in Enterprise City

If community members are not able to donate funds, they are able to volunteer for a specific project. “We would love to have the help and would use any experience or expertise you have to help with the park.” Bowler encourages community members to volunteer whatever time they have available.

The park is going to consist of an open soccer field, community building, sport court building, group pavilion, small pavilion, dutch oven area, playground, splash pad, multi-use amphitheater, fire pit, tennis courts, and a sledding hill. The city has passed over on a skate park due to high costs and space issues. The city will release timelines as each phase of the park is introduced. 

The groundbreaking has encouraged many of the locals that are anxiously waiting for the grass area to have something new before their children are grown and gone.

Enterprise City Park


green = turf
dark gray = asphalt
light gray/dark tan = concrete paving/hardscape
light tan = rock mulch planting areas
Orange = play area
Blue = splash pad

 Suggested volunteer projects are listed below 
• Projects that Need Volunteer Labor (Total Potential Cost Savings Are $500,000):
• Earthwork – Equipment Operators, Equipment Provided
• Concrete Work – Pads and Sidewalks
• Community Building – Construction/Finishers
• Splash Pad – Concrete/Plumbing
• Pavilions – Construction/Assembly
• Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
• Landscaping/Rock
• Dutch Oven Cooking Areas – Installation/Welding/Masonry
• Park Maintenance Committee (when the park is done)


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