Enterprise Stories-Our Persian Gulf Veterans

This has been a weekend of remembering those who have valiantly served our nation to protect our freedoms. The high school and elementary held assemblies on Thursday and Friday to honor our local veterans, and many took time on Saturday to personally thank loved ones for their service, either in person or on social media. As we thank all those who have served our nation in the armed services, we want to specifically thank our Persian Gulf Veterans. They served by choice, and we are blessed by consequence.

  • Kelly Baetz
  • Corwin Bracken
  • Paul Christensen
  • Ronald Clove
  • Craig Dannelly
  • Christopher Holland
  • Stephen Holt
  • Troy Holt
  • Martin Orteaga
  • Anthony Randall
  • Lang Reber
  • Rowdy Reeves
  • David Stewart
  • Patricia W. Terry
  • Evan Thorley
  • Jason Wheeler



Photo credit: undertheradar.military.com

Stacee Seegmiller

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