Enterprise Stories-Treasure in the Steamer Trunk

In July, Cynthia Gentry Sandberg shared an undated Enterprise Relief Society picture with Enterprise2Day that she had found with her grandmother’s stuff in an old steamer trunk. On the photo was an inscription that read, “To Sister Mae Porter with love from The Enterprise 2nd Ward Relief Society, Thelma Staheli, Pres., LeRee Pollock, Coun., Gwen Thomas, coun., Deseret Bauer, Sect.”

The photo looked so familiar to me, and I realized someone had given me a copy of the same photo earlier in the summer. I had asked my grandma to write down the names of the people in the photo, which she did, and then I had forgotten all about it.

Since the same photo found me twice, I decided it needed to be shared. I have included some other Enterprise Relief Society photos I have recently come across. As I scanned the photos and checked to make sure the names matched the faces, I enjoyed seeing the differences in dress, hairstyle, and jewelry over the years. I also couldn’t help thinking about all of these women and the lives they each led and are leading. Each woman has her own story, but for many of us, these women are part of our stories. A blessed part.

Enterprise Ward Relief Society – 17 March 1917

Enterprise Ward Relief Society – March 17, 1917. Photo displayed in the Enterprise Stake Center Relief Society Room. Notice two of the babies faces are blurry. Even children back then had a hard time holding still.

Enterprise Ward Relief Society – March 17, 1917

Seated on floor (L to R): Anna Hunt, Ellen Terry, Iola Barlocker, Mary Morris (Holt).

Front Row (L to R): Mary Ann Huntsman, Sarah Day, Bertha Barlocker, Effie Winsor, Tacy Barnum, Alydia Terry Winsor, Sarah Morris, Tessie Canfield, Mary Alger, Phoebe Mariah Pendleton

2nd Row (L to R): Millie Hall, Fannie Laub, Julia Barnum, Pearl Bastian (Verna), Esther Hunt Pace, Vilate (Mrs. Antone R.) Ivins, Malinda Terry, Clara Terry, Estella Holt, Jane Barnum, Mary E. (Minnie) Oakden.

3rd Row (L to R): Mary A. (Mamie) Bowler (Melvin), Esther Hunt (Levi), Barbara Staheli, Belle Price, Cora Hall, Ada Holt (Joy), Alice (Mrs. Lew) Lund, Dora Clove, May Terry (Merrill), Rhoda Emmett, Ida Huntsman (Lily).

Enterprise 2nd Ward Relief Society-Date Unknown. This is the same photo Cynthia Sandberg found in her grandmother's steamer trunk.

Enterprise 2nd Ward Relief Society-Date Unknown. This is a copy of the photo given to me and is also the same photo Cynthia Sandberg found in her grandmother’s steamer trunk.

Enterprise 2nd Ward Relief Society – Date unknown

Front Row (L to R): Beverly Jones, Esther Pickering, LaRee Pollock, Thelma Staheli, Gwen (Jones) Plaisted, Deseret Bauer, ErvinTruman, Darwin Thomas.

2nd Row (L to R): Edna Jones, Martha Thomas, Katie Jones, Nellie Twitchell, Susanna Jones, Henrietta Day, Renzie Day, Lydia Hunt, Dora Clove.

3rd Row (L to R): Dola Jones, Lilly Mae Snow, Rosella Jones, Nellie Clove, Roca Alger Romero,  Della Truman, Catherine Jones, Lea Mae Jones, Gwen Thomas, Reva Emett, Dorinne Bowler

4th Row (L to R): Madge Hunt, Grace Twitchell, Allie Harrison, Irene Simkins, Norma Thomas, Barbara Laub, Marilyn Holt, Lou Jones, Georgina Hunt

Back Row (L to R): Georgia Moyle, Elsie Peacock, Elaine Winward, Lovella Thomas, Evelyn Staheli Gray, Lillian Bowler, LaRae Farnsworth, Shirley Tullis, Lois Adams, Darlene Jones, Lorraine Jean Gentry, Nora Truman, Geneva Jones, Ruby Stewart.
Inserts (L to R): Mary Alger, Edna Jones, Trenton Jones

Enterprise 1st Ward Relief Society 1984

Enterprise 1st Ward Relief Society-1984 Christmas party

1st Ward Relief Society Sisters

Front Row (L to R): Mary Ellen Wilson, Lynette Barlow, Teresa Humphries, Becky Hunt, Edna Hunt, Melanie Bowler, Pat Moyle, Alenna Schmutz, Jean Munk

2nd Row (L to R): Nellie Moyle, Georgia Moyle, Blythe Terry, Guen Hunt, Minnie Holt, Ollie Jones, Hannah Bushar, Alvaretta Hunt, Marie Phelps

3rd Row (L to R): Rowena Melissa, Shirley Coleman, Ila Terry, Sharon Hess, Virginia Hall, Pauline Bowler, Mary Hunt, Delma Alger, Shirley Staheli, Maxine Barlow, Maxine Staheli, Geneva Gardner, Mae Hall, Gayle Randall

Back Row (L to R): Ann Bushar, Karen Tait, Carla Barlow, Janice Madison, Jennifer Hall, LaNeta Chadburn, Sondra Jones, Joan Staheli, Janet Bowler, MaRee Farnsworth, Margene Holt, Margaret Bowler, Joe Ann Hunt, Marilyn Banks, Colleen T Randall

Enterprise 2nd Ward Relief Society-1984 Christmas party

Enterprise 2nd Ward Relief Society-1984 Christmas party

2nd Ward Relief Society Sisters

Front Row (L to R): Rachel Truman, Karol Truman, Tammy Gardner, Karen Adams, Dori Singleton, LaRee Pollock, Mona Phelps, Raelene Hall, Charlene Bracken, Sherri Reber, Sherry Truman, Diane Merrill

2nd Row (L to R): Lu Truman, Lea May Jones, Annie Nielson, Mae Sagers, Darlean Jones, Erma Bracken, Dorthea Willard, Maude Coleman, Lou Adams, Laurie Jones, Kay Schmutz

3rd Row (L to R): Sandra Dalley, Aleta Ruth, Lavella Thomas, Catherine Jones, Sharon Hunt, Doris Truman, Sandy Thornburg, Lorraine Jones, LaRue Dannelly, Helene Truman, Dorinne Bowler, Esther Pickering, Susan Staheli, Vickie Peacock, Lynne Barlocker, Gayle Rhode, Marie Simkins

4th Row (L to R): Pattie Clark, Carrie Jo Cowley, Bridgot Baetz, Cheryl Hunt, Tammy Jones, Colleen Jones, Brenda Pollock, Lorna Anderson, Winell Bracken, Elaine Emett, Patricia Clove, Shirley Jones, Ilene Simkins, VerLene Thomas, Sheila Hunt, Leona Shurtliff

Enterprise 3rd Ward Relief Society-1984 Christmas party

Enterprise 3rd Ward Relief Society-1984 Christmas party

3rd Ward Relief Society Sisters

Front Row (L to R): Ruby Jolley, Becky Beaumont, Elaine Banks, Kyla Hunt, Tammie Pickering, LuChel Hunt, Lorene Truman, Joan Diebert, Betty Reeves

2nd Row (L to R): Norma Thomas, Orlene Twitchell, Grace Twitchell, Belle Holt, Joan Jones, Mary Ann Barlow, Georgia Staheli, Dema Randall, Guen Thomas, Myrtle Singleton

3rd Row (L to R): Vada Terry, Linda Terry, Reva Emett, Madge Hunt, Ruth S. Pickering, Virginia Haase, Lois Adams, Wanda Huntsman, Geneva Jones, Roma Bunker, Beverly Cramer, Marlene Hinkle, E. Ruth Pickering, Allie Harrison

4th Row (L to R): Mary Hunt, Leanna Gardner, Shirley Pickering, Etta Twitchell, Trish Terry, Camie Foremaster, Debbie Holt, Deon Williams, Frances Staheli, Chris Bowler, Melanie Humphries, Gerri Bunker, LaDawna Pickering, Teresa Pickering


*Some of the names and spellings may be incorrect

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