Hail Mangum! BYU Starts 2-0 In Dramatic Fashion

Just when you thought things couldn’t be any more exciting after the Hail Mary against Nebraska with one second to go to beat the Huskers on the road, Tanner Mangum goes and pulls something like this. A repeat!

Mitch Juergens found himself in the right place and made a heck of a grab to put the Cougars up 28-24 to move the Cougars to 2-0 in one of the most electric atmosphere’s I’ve been to in a long time at LES. To put icing on the cake, Kai Nacua, who was serving a one-game suspension against Nebraska, sealed the game with a pick six to seal the victory 35-24 for the Cougars. Nacua finished with 3 INT’s, one for a TD. Talk about a comeback party at a much needed position for BYU.

Tanner Mangum was projected and expected to be the backup this season behind Heisman hopeful Taysom Hill. No one expected him to see the field unless it was “garbage time” as they call it in blowout wins. But no, he found himself being baptized by fire, coming into a close game in front of 90,000+ fans only to silence them.

If that wasn’t enough, he came back for an encore against Boise St. The likelihood of this happening once in your career as a QB is very slim, the likelihood of it happening twice? Almost impossible. But two games in a row as a true freshman in your first snaps in a collegiate uniform? No way.

These two games will go down in BYU folklore and join the highlight reel of the 1980 Miracle Bowl. He now has 2 new friends to join it.

BYU is set to face UCLA next week in a battle between two top 25 teams at UCLA. Regardless of the outcome, we can safely say we’ve witnessed history.

If you didn’t think lightning could strike twice. Think again.

Hail Mangum.

Photo from Zimbio.com

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