New Bicycle to change the Way You Ride “Half Bike”

Halfbike is a new type of vehicle that awakens your natural instinct to move. It combines biking and running. We took the core driving mechanism of a classical bicycle (a wheel connected to a crankset) but redesigned pretty much everything else. The result is a completely new experience! The standing rider position is essential for the Halfbike. It brings you closer to natural walking and you control the vehicle with your whole body, not just your hands. A vehicle that trains your balance and reflexes in a new way. We want to enable people to explore new horizons and have fun, and we truly believe that a Halfbike can get you there!

Halfbike is both compact and light, so you can take it practically everywhere with you. It’s foldable, therefore allowed onboard in most public transit systems. When folded, a Halfbike fits easily in the trunk of even a small car, under a desk at work or in an overcrowded closet. You can put it inside a lift and even easily carry it when you need to take the stairs, for it is under 9 kg / 20 pounds and quite small. Basically, a Halfbike would fit into most spaces too small for a regular bike.

The feeling of riding a Halfbike is really nothing like riding a bicycle but believe us, you’ll certainly enjoy exactly that difference. If we must point out the key advantages we would probably go for the fun of riding, its lightness and compactness.


Kolelinia is founded by Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenov – the creators of the Halfbike. Both are architects, passionate cyclists and have a solid background in design and manufacturing. Both sharing a vision about urban mobility and how it can be applied to the contemporary city. Over the past year, our team grew steadily. The one thing that we all have in common is our dedication to make the best Halfbike possible and share this new experience. While in search for alternative transport systems, we stay guided by our passion for the outdoors and the community that has made our company possible. We live in a dynamic time of technological leaps, but at the same time, the means of transport fail to keep up. We miss the joy of travel, the human scale, and the variety. We believe there is a great potential for smarter vehicles both human-powered and electric ones and we are committed to prove it!

Halfbike is great for commuting and transforms it from a monotonous task into a vibrant part of our everyday life. It is suitable for short distances and in conjunction with public transport could be taken on board for longer trips. Halfbike is compact enough for an elevator, light enough to carry it on stairs and fits into spaces too small for a normal bike. If you just want to do some exercise it’s perfect for a Sunday morning in the park. Riding it mimics low impact style running and is great for “bike-jogging”. The joy of riding it can give you the motivation to go out and have some fun.

Colors: The Halfbike comes in five different color combinations. Black (all black), White (white frame and natural color handlebar), Pink (pink frame and black handlebar), Lime (green frame and black handlebar) and Mint (blue frame and black handlebar)

Sizes: Three sizes are available. Depending on the rider’s height we recommend:
Size S – for people between 150 and 170 cm tall (4’11” to 5’7”)
Size M – for people between 170 and 185 cm tall (5’7” to 6’1”)
Size L – for people between 185 and 195 cm tall (6’1” to 6’5”)

Weight: The maximum weight of the rider is 95kg/210lbs.

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