New Enterprise City Park Plans

Enterprise, Utah – Enterprise residents have been looking forward to the new additions at the City park that were announced last August at the Enterprise Cornfest with a splash pad and bathrooms. The City park has seen slow progress over the past five years and will continue to see changes as the original 2010 park plans (shown below) have been adjusted.


The park plans have been reviewed with a park planning staff in St. George, Cedar City, and Washington and will see upcoming changes. Sunrise Engineering developed a new park plan (park plan shown at top of page) that includes sand volleyball, a children’s playground, a pavilion, a splash pad, an oversized sport court, a health and fitness building and a skate park. It also shows a windbreak that includes a berm, trees, and fenced barrier.

The City of Enterprise is asking residents for their input on what they want to see in the park. From the skate park to the health and fitness building, to the play area for children. What could the health and fitness building be used for? Weddings, gatherings, half-court basketball, pickleball, classrooms, racquetball, game room, volleyball, and dodgeball.

In order for this building to be built and to run properly, residents would be asked to volunteer. If volunteers do not sign up then this facility will most likely not be built. Check with the City offices on how you can give your input, and make your voice known at the next City Council meeting on April 13th at 7pm.

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