The Summer of Heroes Has Officially Started: Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission Breakout is Here

‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout’ ride has officially opened in Disney’s California Adventure. I was lucky enough to be there on opening day with VIP fast passes, which allowed me to skip the line and ride twice. This resulted in my group being the very first people in the general public to ride the attraction, and allowed us to skip the 8-hour line that came with the opening of a new ride.

The tower itself looks very different from the old Tower of Terror ride, which is a touchy subject for a lot of Disney fans. I know a lot of people are upset and sad that one of their favorite rides is gone. I’m happy to report that the ride itself is the same concept as Tower of Terror, but with more intensity and energy. I surprisingly enjoyed it more than Tower of Terror. Before you get upset, give the new ride a chance! You just might find yourself enjoying it more as well.

The queue line is basically a museum full of artifacts “the collector” has gathered from all sorts of different Marvel films to display on earth. The Collector (aka Taneleer Tivan) lets visitors take a VIP tour of his collection, including his newest possession,  The Guardians of the Galaxy.

We saw Loki’s armor, a whole bunch of different weapons, and even Cosmo the Dog. There is also a monitor in the queue that switches between the guardians as they are trapped in their cages. It seemed like they were being interviewed by The Collector.

You then enter a room full of more artifacts and another screen. The Collector comes on screen and welcomes you to his museum and starts giving you the tour when Rocket Raccoon interrupts and turns off the screen. There is an actual Rocket Raccoon animatronic that was done very well, and he explains that he needs your help to break out his friends.

On the ride itself, Rocket appears again and plugs in his Walkman with a mixtape of songs like you hear in the movie. There are 6 different tracks that can play, and based on the track the ride changes. “The gantry,” (the former elevator from Tower of Terror) bounces to the music, and has different rises and drops with each different track. It is still the style of Tower of terror, but it felt much more unpredictable and intense. As you go between the floors screens open and you can see the guardians in different settings depending on the music. You get to watch them break out, and the things they are doing effect the elevator you are riding. It felt immersive and real, and was definitely thrilling.

Exiting the ride into the gift shop to see a ride photo, or a chance to purchase some souvenirs. We saw a cast member in a Groot outfit, Spiderman, and black Widow. The summer of heroes has officially started in Disney’s California Adventure!  From what we have heard, this ride is the first piece of a large Marvel section they are planning on building in the park. Fastpass works for this attraction, and they will go fast every day.

I loved Tower of Terror, but I love this new ride even more. It was excellent, and I can’t wait to ride it again!

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